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Produce Application

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Aquafog fogging fans are widely used in the produce industry. Used for storage of potatoes, carrots, apples and more, the humidity produced by Aquafog foggers helps maintain the weight and appearance of stored produce. Aquafog units are also perfectly suited for mushroom production areas.

Delivering much needed humidity for growing fresh mushrooms like shiitake, oyster and button, units can accept ordinary water supplies without clogging. Other uses for Aquafog fans include citrus degreening and cold storage facilities. The HRSM has the added benefit of allowing the user to add chemicals to the water for occasional treatments. Aquafog’s high quality fog and competitive price make it ideal for many produce applications.

Mushroom Humidification

AQquafog units provide ideal environment for the humid condtions of growing mushrooms in controlled environments. Humidication is growing mushrooms contributes to quality, quantity and profit.

Fruit and Vegetable Storage

Many harvested crops in storage benefit from fogging and humidity control e1uipment. The Aquafog provides accurate, efficient humidification and is ideal for post-harvest handling and quality control.

The key fogging equipment that is generally used for…

Mushroom Production – Fogging fans

Rotational Molding, Wine Storage, Tobacco Conditioning – XE-2000 , XE-1500 for 50Hz , XE-1000 , XE-HRSM