Specialized Applications

Specialized Applications

Wine Storage Humidifcation – Tobacco Humidifcation/FogginSWg –
Rotational Mold Cooling Odor Control –
Waste Water Treatment Plants Rendering –
Food Processing – Foundries – Asphalt Plants

Odor Control

Aquafog foggers are the system of choice for chemical atomization in the odor control industry. Widely used for many odor control applications, companies can combine the Aquafog units with their concentrated chemical and a simple metering pump for a complete, low-maintenance system. Units are easy to install and are very dependable even when used in harsh conditions and corrosive environments. Aquafoggers produce an ultra-fine quality fog, and at volumes of 1-2 gph, they are 99.5% efficient with virtually no waste. The ORSM is a portable unit, ideal for demonstrations and short-term installations, but also features connections for permanent installation. For the best odor control system, include the reliability and quality of an Aquafog.

Wine Storage

A perfect application for Aquafog. Units are very capable of running 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Simply plug the fogger in, turn it on and
adjust the fog output to satisfy any small to large-scale wine storage application. Aquafog’s nozzle-free design can accept ordinary water supplies without clogging and produces high-quality fog. For dependable humidification of storage areas, choose Aquafog.

Rotational Molding

Aquafog’s powerful combination of airflow and fog rapidly cools rotational molds. Hang one or more fogging fans close to the cooling mold and see how much faster the cooling process becomes. Units are extremely dependable thanks to their high quality construction and nozzle-free design. Because they are nozzle-free, Aquafog units can accept ordinary water supplies without the risk of clogs. The unique engineering provides reliable, powerful cool fogging to speed up the molding process, resulting in higher productivity and reduced waiting times. Not only is Aquafog priced much lower than comparable, nozzle systems, but Aquafog also continues to provide savings by reliably speeding up manufacturing.

Tobacco Conditioning

Aquafog foggers are excellent, efficient humidifiers. Units can rapidly add humidity during the curing stage to help keep tobacco in good condition as it is prepared for handling and sending to market. Aquafog’s unique design atomizes liquid as it is released through the fan blades. The result is high quality fog for humidification and forced air circulation for uniform humidity distribution. These foggers are easy to install and can accept ordinary water supplies, even from a well or pond without clogging. Good quality fog and a competitive price make Aquafog ideal for tobacco conditioning.

The key fogging equipment used for specialty applications…

Odor Control – XE-2000, XE-1500 for 50Hz , XE-1000, XE-ORSM

Rotational Molding, Wine Storage, Tobacco Conditioning – XE-2000 , XE-1500 for 50Hz , XE-1000 , XE-HRSM