About Insct Screen Inscet Nets, Pest and Predator Screens nets


Insect screens, nets and predator protection of pests comes in a wide variety of hole sizes from thrip, aphid, white fly to large mosquitoes, moths, etc. Also includes bird netting for bird predators, vineyard, cherry and many outdoor crops. Pest control screens are generally for larger insect that actually include bird net. Aphid, thrip, white fly and other small insect screen and nets have very fine holes that are very effective in protecting the crop from the very smallest almost microscopic insect. The screens do reduce air flow if used on greenhouses for totally enclosed crop. Our Excel insect screens are outstanding for their durability and long life and are generally clear in color. They also provide insect screen for industrial insect protection as well.

Industrial insect nets are used in areas to protect personnel, equipment, machinery and have many industrial uses.

Our LS Econet screens are for agricultural purposes. They set the standards for the world. Engineered with special
sizing and manufactured in such a way that generally even juveniles can not pass through the insect net.

Our Blockade brand comes in 6 sizes and is generally a yellowish light tan color. Blockade is very popular in the US as we offer Econet from LS Svensson from both domestic and international warehouses and is available in large orders directly from the factory in Europe.

In looking for insect screens or nets, air flow should always be considered whether Econet, Blockade or our Excel brand. Whether used on greenhouse, farm building, warehouses, etc. insect screens and nets have valuable use in industry as well as agriculture.

We fabricate our insect screens and nets for a wide variety of sizes, widths and lengths and in some applications we can control them with opening and closing mechanical systems.

The bird control netting for bird control comes in various sizes depending upon size of the bird. For large orders, we also ship our insect screens and nets from Spain, when orders exceed 50,000 sq ft of 5,000 sq m.