About Insect Screen and Nets


Insect screens or insect nets are becoming a requirement for growing quality marketable products because they greatly reduce the use of insecticides.

Insect screens are particularly valuable on fruit and vegetable growing greenhouses. Our insect protection nets cover a wide variety of different insects from thrip to birds.

USGR has designed insect screens for greenhouses and nurseries worldwide for many years. Special consideration must be given when installing insect nets as these insect screens greatly reduce air flow. LS Svensson insect screens are among our most popular because of the shape of the insect nets. One LS Svensson insect screen even protects against juvenile thrip. Florida, Texas, Arizona and California are legislating requirements for protection for a wide variety of crops against melon aphids. We have the ability to provide insect screens that will meet a growing number of laws, protecting crops from insect infestation. Agricultural insect nets are used outdoors and our insect nets have excellent quality and outstanding performance when properly installed.

We provide a wide range of insect screens and nets to meet all your requirements: