About Econet 45 Insect Screen


LS Econet 4045 insect screens and nets are now available and have been commercially used in South America and Spain for over 4 years with great success. It is one of the most inexpensive, yet durable and heavy duty insect screens on the market today.Unlike most systems, Econet 4045 insect net and screen can be hung over wire or hung.

It has 4 year warranty for all types for greenhouse use and 3 years outdoors. We have found Econet 4045 exceeds the warranty by several years, even in outdoor use. Product is made with 100% polyolefin.Standard width is 137.76 inches (3.5 m).

Insects that are excluded or protected from entry are white fly (silver leaf, sweet potato), melon aphid, green peach aphid, serpentine leaf minor, citrus leaf minor and other insects of similar size to white fly or aphids. Direct sunlight is 96% transmission with diffused light transmission at 88%. Great product, becoming in high demand.

Svensson produces the finest greenhouse, nursery,agricultural, poultry and animal confinement screens in the world.   Svensson has the finest thrip net and thethrip screen is used worldwide because of the small hole size, but also lessair flow.   

Svensson insect net keeps out insects of all sizes frombees, and to all types of white fly and thrip and many other different types ofinsects.   Svensson has the widestselection in the insect screen business.  Svensson sells the brand name of Econet.   Econet includes the new 4045 that iseconomical and is exceptional in its performance.  

Svensson insect screens known worldwide as Svenssoninsect net has special configuration to reduce inset penetration better thanany other insect screen.  We have beenworldwide agent and distributor of Svensson screens and nets for over 30years.  We have provided and engineeredSvensson shade, shade nets, and total shade systems as well as the very specialengineering required for insect screens and nets.