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USGR is pleased to offer the very finest fog misting and irrigation nozzle from Europe. Simply put, these nozzles provide outstanding performance for all greenhouse and nursery missting needs and fooging needs, and gor greenhouse irrigation equipment of all types..

If you are looking for very high quality nozzles that gives exacting cooling, misting, fogging and irrigation, we strongly our misting and fogging nozzles. There are literally hundreds of different nozzles offered by others. We focus on the best nozzle in the world for quality.

  • Greenhouse irrigation equipment of all types
  • Greenhouse fogging, greenhouse misting
  • Nursery fogging, nursery misting
  • Drip irrigation
  • Fogging, misting, humidification, irrigation and nozzles
  • Automatic irrigation and misting system
  • Irrigation nozzles form fine to heavy
  • Cooling fog mist nozzles for many uses
  • Greenhouse watering and irrigation products for the commercialgrowers
  • Be sure to view the famous Pate Nozzles
  • Also applies to water booms