About Misting Fogging Nozzle Irrigation


Because of our long 78 year history in business, we offer the very finest fog misting and irrigation nozzle from Europe. Though the nozzle product line is narrow, the performance is outstanding.

The reason our nozzle performance is so outstanding is in the case of misting, the micron size of the mist is very fine. Our mist nozzles that are used for cooling produce with a very fine mist that very effectively lowers the temperature to near below wet bulb. To our knowledge, the cooling and mist nozzle produces the finest mist of any nozzle we have ever tested. The other great advantage of our mist nozzle is that there is such a very flat spray so that the mist fog and irrigation water is distributed over an exacting area. We know of other nozzle that can meet direct identifiable sq ft/sq m of evenness.

The most popular nozzles are L-10 and L-12. In our website you will find a chart showing how to select the correct nozzle.

If you are looking for a very high quality nozzle that gives exacting cooling, misting, fogging and irrigation, we strongly recommend this high quality nozzle.

There are literally hundreds of different nozzles offered by others. We focus on the best nozzle in the world for quality.