About Agribon Row Crop Covers


Polymer Group Agribon sets the standard for crop covers for all seasons.   Agribon fabrics come in a variety of thickness for cold over-wintering cover.  Agribon products also excellent for insect protection.   We sell Agribon throughout North and Central America for row crop covers and shade.  Whether you are looking for Agribon for frost protection or Agribon for insect screen, over-wintering or shade, we offer the finest product that customers require frost protection for a wide variety of crops.  

  • Agribon provides a stable, protected environment from seed to maturation.
  • Agribon micro-climate protection for sensitive seedlings.
  • Agribon by Polymer Group crop cover for a wide variety of crop protection.
  • Agribon is the best frost and freeze protection on the market.
  • Light filtration; minimizes sunburn.
  • Agribon is a great barrier protection against physical elements such as insects, dust and volcanic ash.  
  • Easily disposable and non-toxic.
  • Agribon is harmless if eaten by animals.  

Each bag is shrink wrapped to reduce freight.  Available from Ponchatoula, LA.   For special applications, Mr. Tim Chaput is extremely knowledgeable and available for client consultation.