About Agricultural Industrial Nets Fabrics


U.S. Global Resources offers a very wide array of agricultural and industrial nets, fabrics, screens, covers, nets, fencing, temperature control, wind nets, geo-liners, sports nets, industrial fabrics, construction nets, insect protection and sun screens plus special fabricated sun screens, agricultural nets, industrial fabrics to meet a wide variety of client needs.

Our nets and screens protect plants, animals and people from sun, wind, rain. They are used for protecting people, animals, crops of all types from sun screen and nets, insect protection materials as wind screen, wind breaks, privacy curtains and equipment as well as weather conditions of all types.

Pak offers not only shade fabrics, but other types of screens such as golf net, wind screen, livestock/poultry curtains. Poultry curtains are used worldwide for poultry and animal ventilation. Poultry curtains are heavy durable sheets.

L.S. Svensson and Pak have a wide variety of insect screen and nets. Windbreaks for wind protection in orchards, agricultural windbreaks along with many pest and predator control fabrics such as deer fence, bird netting, ground cover. Golf nets are used not only for wind reduction but for recovery of golf balls. Screens and nets include tennis wind screen, foul ball nets or baseball wind screen.

Pak fabricates, sews, hems, grommets a lot of our Pak nets and screens. Pak also supplies smaller units and Pak also has ability to cut, hem special configurations. Our Pak fabricator does an outstanding job in precise value added.

LS Svensson is a special agricultural insect and shade manufacturer. We offer Svensson products worldwide. Large Svensson shade heat retention orders can be shipped directly from European factories. We offer shade net sun screen and fabrics for many industries in many different price ranges, screens, nets and fabrics for all of the covers, Svensson temperature control materials, industrial fabrics and insect screen and sun screen of all types.

Crop covers offer crop cover protection from insects. Crop covers that shade and protect from sun; other crop covers are considered over wintering. Over-wintering crop covers protect against cold weather. These crop covers are both porous and solid, from clear to darker colors. Crop covers are now being used 12 months of the year. Some of our crop covers are disposable; others last many years. Whether crop cover for temperature control, shade, rain protections, temperature control of ventilation. We have a wide variety of crop covers. These crop covers also protect against frost as frost protection cover. Frost protection comes in various weights and thicknesses depending upon the degree of frost protection required. Frost protection covers are sometimes laid over support; others are laid directly on the crop. AgriBon floating row cover is very popular. Agribon offers a wide variety of weights for the lightweight for insect protection. We also have lightweight Agribon for temperature protection between 2 and 4 degrees. We have Agribon materials that go up to extra heavy weight of 8+ degree temperature protection. Garrison temperature protection covers for frost and cold degree of temperature is also based on wind and chill factor. All Agribon materials have excellent life
expectation, less heavier weight materials.

Wind screens can protect against a variety of winds, both light and tempered. We can help you get the most benefit out of the wind screen based upon individual requirements. Standard wind screen is black in color; many are basically shade material in black or colored, that reduce air flow, based on percentage of shades. Wind screens require a support system. These wind fabrics come in a variety of heights and length.

Bird Netting: Our bird net screen is available in various opening sizes depending on size and type of bird. Bird net is generally is laid on the plants. Some clients have support system to hold birdnet off the crop. Bird net screens are available in black and white. Life of bird net depends upon whether left on permanently or used seasonally. Same is true of vineyard netting. Vineyard netting is basically bird and pest net. Bird netting has been used extensively for
vineyards. U.S. Spain, Australia, South America because of the quality and sizes offered. Most of our vineyard bird netting and pest control screen or netting have a very long life.

Sports Netting: Baseball nets are used by professional, Institutional, private for personnel and recovery of baseballs. Baseball nets and nets of all kinds are generally very tall. All sports netting can be built to meet the height requirement of the sports involved. One of the most popular is golf net, used to recover golf balls and also offer bird protection. There sports nets also used for soccer fields, football fields; popular on carts and all sports whether baseball, tennis, soccer, etc. Extremely popular.

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