About Row Covers For Protection And Control


Our outdoor row Agribon® and Weatherbond crop covers are used in the field for a wide variety of crops. Most common is for temperature control, cold and frost protection. Temperature control and frost protection covers and fabrics are used for over-wintering crops. Over-wintering capability of Agribon and Weatherbond row crop covers come in a variety of non-woven weights for various temperature and frost protection.

Non-woven material also used for insect, disease control and also for shade. Lot of non-woven shade crop covers are used in the summer. Non-woven insect and shade crop covers are popular in Central America and tropics for insect and shade uses. Whereas the over wintering Agribon® and Weatherbond crop covers are used for temperature and cold and frost protection and for insect control at those times of the year as well. As nursery crops are more hardy our cold frost protection fabrics are of particular value in the nursery industry. Using non-woven nursery over-wintering crop covers are very popular in Northern U.S., many parts of Europe and Canada where crops can be protected up to 10 F degrees difference between inside and outside. Crop covers are very important in tree seedling production as in tree seedling production facilities, using hoop loops, the tree reforestations crop covers allows for aeration, shade, temperature differences and some degree of moisture control.

Ace polyethylene woven frost protection fabric does not breathe. It offers some frost protection, but is also insect and shade product. Those wanting non-porous crop cover will be very pleased with our Ace economical over-wintering frost protection material.