Loop Hoops


Loop hoops support the row cover above the plantsLoop Hoops (patent pending)- made from 6 gauge, galvanized steel wire. Holds Row Cover above fruits and vegetables reducing frost transfer to blossoms. Increases yield at harvest. Quick tie design allows spacing Loop Hoops 10 foot on center. Row Cover is supported by the twine and Loop Hoop. Simply circle the ‘Loop’ with twine and go. All Loops Hoops are tied together. Tunnel collapse is a thing of the past.

There are 2 sizes of hoops:

  • Loop hoop 16 inches high x 21 inches high
  • Other sizes of hoop loops available depending upon row width and row height. Contact for pricing.

Benefits of Loop Hoops:

  • Plant Protection System for use with Floating Row Covers
  • Promotes Plant Growth
  • Protects from Cold & Frost
  • Holds Covers Off Plants and Fruits
  • #6 Galvanized Steel
Loop Hoop Pricing
200 to 800 $1.75 each
800 to 2,000 $1.45 each
2,000 to 2,999 $1.35 each
3,000 contact us for pricing
Minimum order: $200


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