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G.01 Golf Net

Golf NetGolf NetRecover lost golf balls. Save thousands of dollars by making lost golf balls a thing of the past. Rugged, long-lasting USGR Golf Netting is the perfect choice for golf courses and driving ranges. This strong and rip-resistant netting is well able to help protect nearby cars and homes from stray golf balls. It is made from UV resistant, high-density polyethylene. USGR Golf Netting is lightweight and easy to install. Many widths and lengths are available.

G.02 Field Covers

Field CoversField CoversWaterproof field covers reduce downtime. Use USGR waterproof Field Covers to keep your playing surfaces dry. Made from durable waterproof fabric, USGR Field Covers are great for baseball infields, pitching mounds and soccer fields. Stop rain from ruining your game.

Suggested Fabrics: C.12 EX-86, C.13 EX-02 Clear, C.14 1212-C, C.16 WeatherBond CCF

G.03 Tennis Windscreen

Tennis Windscreen

Tennis WindscreenTennis WindscreenWorld-class tennis windscreen. USGR Tennis Windscreen is the choice of many world-class tournaments. Professionals love it because it is great looking, blocks background distractions and shields their games from the wind. Our windscreen fabric is UV stabilized for extended outdoor life. Strategically placed openings allow air to pass through, thus reducing wind stress on tennis court structures. Let USGR Tennis Windscreen give you better looking and better playing courts.

Suggested Fabrics: A.18 Woven Shade, A.20  Shade, A.22  Lath Shade, A.23 Knit Shade

Foul Ball NetsG.04 Foul Ball Nets

Flexible & tough batting net. USGR Foul Ball net is great for any sports field or practice facility where stray balls are a problem. These nets have been used in many sports applications including baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse fields. They are also used on soccer goals. Stop losing balls and increase your game time. Contact USGR at for more details.

G.05 Baseball Windscreen

Baseball WindscreenPlay better with less wind. USGR windscreens dramatically reduce wind speeds on baseball fields, thus giving a more consistent playing field. Our windscreens also decrease visual distractions in the players’ eye lines, allowing for better concentration. Many colors and densities are available.

Suggested Fabrics: A.18 Woven Shade, A.20 Shade, A.22  Lath Shade

G.06 Batting Cage Nets

Batting Cage NetsFlexible & tough batting net. Spend more time improving your game and less time hunting down practice balls. USGR’s batting cage nets can be made to the exact specifications of your cages. Our netting comes in several different grades to meet your level of play. USGR also offers shade netting to control overhead balls and help keep batting cages cool.

G.07 Greens Cover

Greens CoverProtect your greens with these tough covers. Start your playing season earlier with Pi field covers. These covers provide a lay of protection from frost, while allowing water and light through. USGR greens covers also trap leaves and debris, reducing e season clean up.

Suggested Fabrics: C.12 EX-86, C.13 EX-02 Clear, C.16 WeatherBond CCF

G.08 Landfill Covers

Landfill CoversOur covers make daily maintenance easier. USGR alternate daily landfill covers can be used in landfills to prevent debris and waste materials from being blown off site. They also eliminate daily compaction problems which can reduce usable landfill space and aid in odor control. Covers are lightweight and long lasting. USGR Covers are manufactured using a tough polypropylene with reinforced edges. Our covers are both lightweight and durable and can be applied using manpower or machinery in minutes. We can custom fabricate covers to your specific needs, using different materials that are UV and abrasion resistant.

Suggested Fabrics: A.23 Knit Shade, C.12 EX-86, C.13 EX-02 Clear

G.09 Walkway Covers

Walkway CoversShield pedestrians from the sun. USGR carries a large variety of fabrics suitable for use as walkway and awning shade covers. Our rugged, rip-resistant fabrics are designed to maintain their good looks for years. Special UV inhibitors allow our fabrics to last for years in the open sun. USGR walkway and awning fabrics are available in a number of architecturally pleasing colors. Our walkway Covers can customize these covers to fit many types of structural configurations.

Suggested Fabrics: A.18 Woven Shade, A.23 Knit Shade, A.24 Supashade Plus

G.10 Silt Fence

Silt FenceDon’t let runoff get you down – try our silt fence. Silt fencing is designed to stop siltation run off from construction sites during rainstorms. Made from woven polypropylene, our silt fence is great at containing dirt and silt. Our Silt Fence can attach stakes to make installation a breeze. We can customize different grades and strengths to meet your local building construction regulations. Contact USGR at 888-334-1440 or email for a quotation today.

Suggested Fabrics: B.11 Ground Cover

G.11 Truck Tarps

Truck TarpsOur tough truck tarps are easier to handle. Spend less time taping and undraping your load. One person can easily handle these lightweight Our Truck Tarps, which are up to three times lighter than traditional mesh or woven coated covers. USGR Truck Tarps are made of a super tough, UV stabilized knit fabric, which resists rips and frays. The tear resistant material prevents small punctures from becoming larger. Durable, double lock stitching and brass grommets reinforce all tarp edges. USGR Truck Tarps are custom made to fit almost any size truck bed and are available in a variety of colors. Waterproof material also available.

G.12 Scaffolding Wrap

Scaffolding WrapScaffolding WrapHelp improve the safety of your site. USGR Scaffolding Wrap installs easily on most scaffolding structures. It acts as a tri-fold barrier on a building under construction. First, it reduces debris from falling out of building. Second, the material acts as a windbreak keeping the building warmer during winter construction months. The fabric also hides away unsightly work areas giving the site a tidier look. Call USGR at 888-334-1440 or email for more details.

Suggested Fabrics: A.20  NOWShade. A.23 Knit Shade

G.13 Warning Fence

Warning FenceYou just can’t miss this warning fence. Do you have a dangerous area you need to secure? USGR warning fence is ideally suited for construction sites and other hazardous areas. Choose from either flaming orange or bright green; both are eye-catching, install easily and meet most local building regulations. Many different grades are available. Call USGR at 888-334-1440 or email for pricing and availability.

G.14 Sight Barrier Fence

Sight Barrier FencePrivacy fence for protection and security. USGR privacy fabric attaches directly to your fence and blocks unwanted vision. Security and privacy are growing concerns. This fabric makes it easy to improve safety, protect valuable items, enhance appearances and conceal unsightly areas. Our privacy fabric has been used at homes to shield pool areas and at public facilities to guard playgrounds. Business owners use it to conceal hazardous equipment or expensive inventory. Contractors use it to safeguard construction sites and discourage trespassers. The fabric is easy to install, durable and lasts for years. Many colors are available.

Sight Barrier Fence

Suggested Fabrics: A.18 Woven Shade. A.20  NOWShade, A.22  Lath Shade, A.23 Knit Shade, A.24 Supashade Plus

We keep a sizable stock of fabric on hand to ensure quick turnarounds. Our fabric can also be made with heat set, U-shaped pockets (shown below) to ease wind load.


G.21 Spa & Pool Covers

Spa and Pool CoversProtect your pool or spa. USGR spa and pool covers make pool maintenance much easier. These mildew resistant, breathable covers are a great way to keep leaves, debris and small animals out of your pool or spa. They also help reduce algae buildup, making cleaning easier.

G.22 Deck & Patio Covers

Deck and Patio CoversEnjoy your deck more with our cooling covers. Our covers install easily and turn your deck or patio into a cool retreat from the heat. The tough, UV stabilized fabric lasts for years and blocks burning while still allowing the breeze through. These covers are lightweight, durable and are available in tan, brown, green, black, white and terracotta.

G.23 Parking Lot Shade Covers

Parking Lot Shade CoverDurable covers keep cars cooler. Our durable shade covers help protect autos from burning sun. Whether used in public facilities or private residences, these covers will help extend the life of your car’s finish. They also help protect vehicles from leaves and hail. Our covers are made of high UV resistant fabric for extended outdoor use.

G.25 Tree Straps

Tree StrapsTough tree straps are easy on your trees. Use USGR tree straps to provide support for newly planted trees. Our soft polypropylene straps won’t damage trees like hose straps or wire and are easy to install. USGR tree straps are made of durable, UV resistant fabric and brass grommets. They are available in lengths from 8″ to 32″.

G.26 Utility & Garden Tarps

Utility and Garden TarpsTarps for equipment, vehicles and other valuables. USGR Utility Tarps are quality, all-purpose covers for a wide array of uses. Our UV stabilized tarps will protect your valuables from sun, wind, dust, dirt and birds. They also make great garden tarps and can be used for collecting and dragging grass clippings and leaves. Waterproof tarps that block rain are also available. USGR Tarps can be custom made to most any size.