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NOTICE: Sales of Pallet Jacks are temporarily suspended due to backlog in orders. In which case, we are not providing quotes or accepting new purchase orders at this time. Hopefully, we will be taking pallet jack orders again in October. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Hydraulic jacks are used for many products; forks are vertical from the wheels. Manual pallet jacks are hand powered jiggers that are quite popular worldwide. Pallet Jack also has a very short turning radius.

A hydraulic pallet jack is a pallet truck that can lift more weight easily and comes in 10 different styles. One of the few single fork pallet jack suppliers in the world. Pallet jacks for cold temperature transporting. Pallet jacks/pallet trucks and jiggers are built to travel on uneven surfaces and carry large loads. Also known as burden pallet mule. Burden pallet jacks are shipped from factory in Georgia under the brand name Pallet Mule. Pallet Mule forklift and jigger have been meeting the requirements of material handling for over 50 years. When shopping for pallet jacks and pallet trucks, look for pallet mule. Pallet mule will meet all your pallet jack requirements where you use pallet trucks or pallet jacks.