Roll Reel Pallet Jacks

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Roll and Reel Pallet Jacks


  • Built to fit the actual size of the roll, reel or coil allowing for better, safer handling
  • Additional sizes of rolls, reels or coils can be accommodated within a range
  • Cradles the entire length of heavy rolls
  • Turnbuckle prevents forks from spreading
  • Extensive use of ductile cast iron parts,
  • Heavy 7 gauge steel in major structural components
  • Solid steel push rods instead of the standard tubular steel design
  • Premium polyurethane wheels on an aluminum core
  • Sealed bearings provide reduced
    rolling resistance and longer life

PALLET MULE Roll and Reel Pallet Jacks are the right choice for moving and handling any roll, reel or coil, particularly in high usage, mission critical operations where down-time can be very costly. Examples of specific applications for the Roll and Reel Pallet Jack are manufacturing and distribution operations moving and handling rolls, reels or coils of paper, cable, wire, fiber optics, fabric, carpets, plastic, aluminum or other sheet metals.

Pallet Mule All American Pallet Jack are built heavier and more durable than the lower cost import pallet jacks to withstand the demands of continuous daily use. They are designed and built to perform safely and consistently all day every day and are supported by the most professional service and support in the industry. Don’t just settle for any pallet jack!

Ideal For Moving Rolls, Reels
or Coils Of Paper, Cable, Wire,
Fabrics, And Sheet Metals.

Details of roll nd reel pallet jack

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We Need Three (3) Measurements
To Create Your Pallet Mule
1. Maximum Roll/Reel Diameter
2. Maximum Weight
3. Maximum Length of Roll/Reel

Specifications and drawings of rool and reel pallet jack