Pond Tank Liners


U.S. Global Resources offers a wide variety of pond and tank liners, fabricated and field installed for new or existing tank, secondary containment barriers, fill containment, waste water and sewage lagoons.

Tank liners available in a wide variety of size, some being one piece sizes up to one acre and single piece up to 100 ft wide.

The canal liners are extremely popular worldwide, whether installed over rocky or extreme surfaces.

Our liners are high density polyethylene geo membrane composition as well as HDPE, polypropylene and PV C.

No material we offer provides a better balance of properties, or proven appearance of reliability.

The site liner can be installed at the site by factory trained technician for those wishing to seal Pieces together by their workers. We have equipment that will meet those conditions.

Aquaculture demands special considerations and requirements to needs of aquaculture. The Permalon geo-synthetic material is the most favorable liner for aqua culture. Custom fabrication of aquaculture liners is available. Agricultural liners are non- toxic, will not affect the health of your crop. They are available in black or black/white color. As aquaculture is growing worldwide, our aquaculture liners meet your demanding requirements.

Our Modular tank for storage of everything from potable water to hazardous waste are available with tank liners. Our tank liners like our pond liners are of the highest quality material and in many cases are single piece for safety against leakage. The tank liners, like our storage tank liners, are used universally by many of the Fortune 500 companies supplied with our chemical and water storage facilities also to 50 states, all provinces of Canada and over 50 countries worldwide.