Permalon Pond Liners


Permalon pond liner being filled with water

US Global Resources proudly offers Permalon, a uniquely engineered, cross-laminated, high-density polyethylene geomembrane. Permalon’s patented construction yields the best weight to strength ratio available and also provides exceptional tear and puncture resistance. No material offers a better balance of properties or more proven performance and reliable durability for the most demanding containment applications.

Designed to be lightweight and easily handled, Permalon ensures a cost efficient installation. Custom fabrication is available to meet specific project requirements. Individual panels of an acre in size are readily done, always minimizing and often eliminating the need for expensive field installation crews.

If value can be defined as the optimal relationship between cost and benefit, then get real value in your containment membrane, specify Permalon.

  • Permalon pond liner applicationAlloyed high-density polyethylene resists punctures and tears for a more secure system.*
  • Lightweight and easy to handle for quick and easy installation.
  • UV stabilized for durability during extended exposure to the elements.
  • Cold crack tested to -60°F for continuous performance in extreme temperatures.
  • Custom engineered fabrication and sizes up to an acre available to minimize in-field seaming.