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Wastewateer liner

U.S. Global Resources offers factory fabricated and field installed liners for new or existing tanks, secondary containment barriers, surface impoundments, spill containment, leachate collection, waste water and sewage lagoons. Among the more widely used products are: XR5, HDPE, polypropylene and PVC.

Site-seamed liners are installed by factory trained technicians using state of the art welding methods. Field seams are tested by vacuum and mechanical peel methods to insure liner integrity. Factory fabricated liners are shipped on heavy duty skids and “accordion” folded and rolled for ease of installation.

Field Coated Liners

Wastewater tank installation
Our tanks are designed for rapid installation of a wide variety of factory fabricated membrane liners, site-sealed membrane liners and coated liners. The photo depicts a field-coated liner being applied to a tank. Installation consists of covering the tanks’ steel walls and its existing substrate with a geotextile matrix and then spraying it with a variety of polymers that form seamless, chemical resistant liners. Field coated liners are applied by independent contractors.