Port A Cool

Port-A-Cool: Portable Evaporative Cooling Units

Our portable evaporative cooling units from Port-A-Cool are exceptionally efficient as the unit pulls lower amps than competitors, which results in low electrical consumption and does not require the electricity that AC/DC requires.  The units are very popular for both indoor and outdoor use.   The purchasers of the Port-A-Cool units lower the ambient temperature an average of 20 degrees and do so with less electrical consumption.

We have offered the Port-A-Cool units to a wide variety of industries worldwide for many years.   There are literally thousands upon thousands of Port-A-Cool buyers that use these units for innumerable types of cooling.   There are units that range from uses in agriculture cooling to mobile modular cooling and buildings and warehouse cooling, etc.   The uses of the unit are virtually unlimited.

Port-A-Cool is manufactured in their 370,000 sq ft building in East Texas.

Through our diverse offerings, I believe you will find a unit that will fit your application and do so very cost effectively.  The following is an indication of the diversity of the Port-A-Cool evaporative cooling units:

Port-A-Cool units are popular worldwide because the Port-A-Cool units are extremely low maintenance and have long life.

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