About Portable Cooling Fans

Portable Cooling Fans

U.S. Global Resources is honored to offer you great, efficient portable cooling fans accepted worldwide because of the life expectancy, low maintenance and electrical efficiency, resulting in extremely economical and portable evaporative cooling system. The options available are very diverse and can meet the requirements of the client, whether used indoors or outdoors for providing a comfortable atmosphere for people, animals, crop storage, warehouses.

Through our diverse offerings, I believe you will find a unit that will fit your application and do so very cost effectively. The following is an indication of the diversity of applications of our evaporative cooling units.

  • Schools – our institutional clients are one of the biggest markets, gymnasiums, portable facilities, sports events, etc.
  • Industrial applications, such as automotive shops of all types
  • Industrial applications, such as factories and warehouses
  • Refineries (very popular) for our larger portable cooling fans from Port-A-Cool
  • Construction sites of all types
  • Sport activities ranging from swimming pools, professional football fields, tennis courts, horse stables, etc.
  • Portable cooling fans for animal confinement structures such as kennels, barns, dairy operations, etc.
  • Prisons and correctional facilities are one of our biggest markets for portable cooling of personnel and people.
  • Dry cleaning and laundry where high humidity and temperatures are a problem.
  • Agricultural and horticultural industries for every conceivable use.
  • Popular for outdoor use by the military. Military portable cooling units very popular in desert and high temperature areas of the world. A benefit for military units are the many different sizes. Military uses of Port-A-Cool portable coolers particularly when used in tents and field applications where Port-A-Coolers are mounted on wheels.

We also offer the window air conditioners for institutions, hobby greenhouses and smaller indoor areas with CFM performances between 1800 and 4600 CFMs.

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