Quiet Cool Portable Fans

Quiet Cool
Industrial Portable Fans
with Industrial Applications

Product Lineup

36″ Direct drive, Single speed, 1/2 HP. Rated @ 9700 cfm.
QuietCool’s most economical model.

QC36B1 36″ Belt drive, Single speed, 1/2 HP.
36″ Belt drive, Three speed, 1/2 HP. QC36B1X 36″ Belt drive, Single speed, 3/4 HP.
– 1/2 HP models rated @ 9700 cfm.
– 3/4 HP model rated @ 10,900 cfm.
QuietCool belt drive models are the Standard for quiet.

36″ Belt drive, Single speed, 3/4 HP, Hazardous locations. Rated @ 10,900 cfm. Class I, Group D. Class II, Groups F & G.
QuietCool QC36DVS QuietCool QC36DVS 36 inch Direct Drive
Variable Speed, 5/8 HP
10,000 CFM
Cooling Capacity 2,700 sq ft.
Quiet Cool QC48B2

QuietCool QC48B2
48 inch belt drive
2 speed, 1 HP
Rated 17,600/11,300 CFM
Cooling Capacity 3,600 sq ft

Benefits and Features

  1. Maintenance Free – Designed and manufactured to he
    virtually maintenance free.
  2. Easy to operate – Needs only water and electricity
    to operate.
  3. No waste – Highly efficient system, no water is
  4. Easy to move – Completely portable, so anyone can
    roll it quickly to any hot area.
  5. Amazingly Cooler air – Discharged air is up to 20°F
    degrees cooler than the incoming air.
  6. Filtered Air – Filters the air as is passes through
    the cooling media eliminating many air born particles.
  7. Plus – Portable 60 gallon water reservoir is available
    where no water supply is readily accessible.

Note: The QuietCool Portable Evaporative Cooler has ETL Approval #9800103 which conforms to UL standard 507.


  1. Housing – Constructed of rotomolded, corrosion free polyethelyne.
  2. Fan – Industrial duty galvanized steel construction.
  3. Fan Motor – High efficiency for a long life.
  4. Recirculating Pump – High efficiency, maintenance free. and corrosion resistant submersible pump.
  5. Float Valve – Corrosion and maintenance free plastic.
  6. Water Lines/Fittings – All corrosion free materials.
  7. Cooling Media – Cross corrugated angle fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermosetting resin. Specially designed for evaporative cooling so there is no excess load on the fan.

QuietCool QC18DVS Direct drive, variable speed, 1/4 HP.

  • Constructed of roto molded corrosion Free Polyethylene.
  • Industrial Duty Fan 2600 CFM.
  • High efficiency 1/4 HP 120 volt totally enclosed motor.
  • 1/50 HP submersible High efficiency pump maintenance Free.
  • Cooling Media is a cross corrugated angle fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermosetting resin for long life and efficient cooling.
  • Water supply is standard garden hose.
  • Power supply required is 120 volt.



10″ Semi-Pneumatic Rough Terrain Wheels. QC36B3 shown with optional 10″ wheels. Designed for U.S. Military but available to general public.

QC18 Casters

QC I8DVS shown with optional casters.


60 Gallon Reservoir Tank Model QR – Portable water reservoir rolls easily to any location. Holds up to 60 gallons of water for longer running time.

QC36AL Adjustable discharge Louvers for 36″ coolers.

QC18AL Adjustable discharge Louvers for 18″ coolers. (Not pictured).

Filter for intake (requires rear guard) For 36′ coolers.

Filter for intake. (Not Pictured).

QC36TE Tube extension adapter for 36′ coolers.

QC18TE Tube extension adapter for 18″ coolers. (Not pictured).

How does the QuietCool cool-off hot areas faster and more efficiently?

Regular fans simply circulate the same existing air, same humidity, same temperature. However, the QuietCool portable evaporative cooler takes that same existing air, combines it with evaporating water, which dramatically lowers the temperature immediately relieving hot, dry areas. Similar to the conditions when a natural rain storm approaches, the temperature drops noticeably cooler, because the air is saturated with water.

Increase Worker productivity, Lower
rejection rates. Increase your bootom line.

Effective Temperature 75 80 85 90 95 100 105
Loss in Work Qutput 3% 8% 18% 29% 45% 62% 79%
Loss in Accuracy 5% 40% 300% 700%

Discharge Temperatures at Various
Dry Bulb Temperatures and Relative Humidity