About Germination Chambers Plant Propagation Chambers


Germination chambers for plant propagation are a valuable tool for seed germination and plant seed propagation. Our germination chambers come in sizes for institutions and larger operations. Seed germination and plant propagation is based on humidity and heat germination systems, so in some of our units lights are not necessary. Our germination chambers and plant propagation units are mobile. Our germination chambers are designed for easy loading and unloading. All shelves are moveable. Many clients tell us that both seed germination chamber and plant germination chamber will root plants in as few as 7 days. Our Quick Sprouter Germination Chamber holds 96 trays and our PC propagation chambers hold 22, 46 or 70 trays. Our small PC plant propagation chamber is ideal for institutions and research centers.

Seed propagation in germination chambers means faster better rooting. Seed propagation is ideal for rooting in germination chambers. University laboratories use our small seed propagating rooting chambers. Commercial labs also use both the small and large chambers with humidity control. University, commercial research, high schools benefit from our various models for seed rooting.