About Seeders Seed Equipment


We offer a variety of seeders and seeding equipment for the purpose of propagating and germinating seeds for horticulture and agriculture.   Our seeders are used to properly and evenly seed a wide variety of seeds into many different size seeding trays.   We have both manual and automatic seeders.   These seeders accurately dispense the seeds into all types of trays.   Some of our seeders allow for variable adjustment to accommodate various size pots and trays.   We have seeders and seeding equipment that seed as 100 flats per hour to as many as several thousand.  We have smaller seeders and seeding equipment for R & D users and for high volume mass production agricultural uses.  

USGR also offers a seed plug dislodger/extractor.   The plug dislodger/extractor and plug popper are variations of the same system which extracts/ejects the plug from the tray.    These plug dislodger/extractors and plug poppers are great labor saving devices and pops the plug out of the tray without damaging the root system or growing tip.   The plug popper/dislodger/extractor are economical, easy to operate and is a valuable addition to our seeding equipment.