Plug Poppers Extractors


Plug dibble board, plug extractors, dislodgers and extractors.

We offer the finest most durable plug popper, extractor on the market today. No more damaged goods. The plug popper extractor has been the standard for greenhouse and nursery for over 20 years. The dibble board is hand held that dibbles quickly with aluminum pins. The sticker plate keeps the pins clean every time. Wide variety of plug poppers, including the tree popper. Our plug dislodge/extractors handle most sizes of trays and also number of plugs in the trays can be extracted or dislodged. We have economy manual popper extractors and mechanically operated as well. These are extremely durable units used worldwide with great success and very low maintenance. Product is made in US, saves time and money and accurately dislodges plugs without damage.

Plug Poppers from USGR

The Plug Popper Plug Popper Plus Plug Popper Grande Dibble Pro Dibble Mate Econo Popper

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