E0Z seeder

  • Our seeder is easy, accurate, fast and low priced.
  • Seeds 120 to 300 flats per hour.
  • Aluminum plates – anodized for durability with no static.
  • Plates changeable in seconds.
  • Seed raw lisianthus, petunias, tobacco, marigolds and large seeds as well as the easy ones.
  • Large quantities of seed not necessary.
  • Plates quantities of seed not necessary
  • Can singulate or cluster seed most varieties on same plate with pressure adjustment. Special drilled plates available for double seeding or 50% doubles when needed such as direct seeded vegetable.
  • You visually seed the seed on he plates
  • Quality workmanship because it is important. If you grow seedlings, you can grow better plugs. Also direct seed, save the transplant labor. This seeder is fitted for the standard 1020 flat.
  • Price of E-Z Seeder : $0 – $0
  • Non-standard units made to fit Speeding, Traymaster, California Spuare tray: $0 to $0.

Check with us for other sized seeders.