About Ls Svensson Company


USGR has been an agent for LS Svensson Co. since products introduced to the U.S. in the 1970’s. L.S. Svensson has shade materials for light control, a wide variety of blackout material. LS Svensson has the finest insect screen material available. LS Svensson recently introduced an economical shade material called FLS that has been extremely popular and demand is growing dramatically. LS Svensson shade material is available in 40%, 50%, 60% shade percentages. L.S. Svensson, a Swedish company produces more greenhouse and nursery shade, energy, blackout, supplemental, weather protection material than any other company in the world. LS Svensson has constant research underway for greenhouse applications and mechanical operating systems to benefit greenhouse growers worldwide. Svensson materials are used in greenhouses in every climate and are available from warehouses, and fabrication locations in U.S. and Europe. U.S. Global Resources has delivered Svensson products worldwide.

LS Svensson is now introducing a high grade light diffusion product with XLS Harmony Revolux for fire retardant. Svensson has a new product H2No that reduces formation of condensation droplets drastically. USGR is proud to offer its greenhouse and nursery clients worldwide all of the outstanding LS Svensson products.