About Wadsworth


We have been an agent, both domestically and internationally for Wadsworth energy curtains and controller since 1972. Wadsworth supplies USGR with many of its operating systems for heating, cooling, ventilation and other environmental control systems including but not limited to irrigation, fog, misting, etc. Wadsworth greenhouse and nursery controls are very familiar with all the operating systems that U.S. Global Resources and our suppliers offer. Wadsworth controls provide exacting integrated systems for operation of all your greenhouse components. Wadsworth Power Pull Shade and Heat Retention Systems for greenhouses have been mainstay of the industry for many years. Wadsworth Controls has greenhouse operating controllers from simple heat and cooling to very complex total environmental systems for large multi hectare greenhouses. USGR has installed Wadsworth Control Systems to operate our equipment in numerous institutions, government facilities, Botanical Gardens. We strongly urge all of our clients to consider the Wadsworth controls and energy curtains because they are almost maintenance free, long life and operate with amazing degrees of accuracy. Testament to this is Wadsworth controls that USGR installed in a 50,000 sq ft greenhouse in Lhasa, Tibet in 1980. Spare parts were not called for until 1999.