Shade Systems



USGR is a worldwide supplier of nets, shades and fabrics from warehouses worldwide. Minimums apply.
Flat blackout shade system
Flat Blackout
Shade System

Internal shade systems became popular many years ago. We believe we are one of the oldest if not the oldest company offering automatic shade systems – our first installations were black out systems installed at Columbia Greenhouses and Miller Floral Company in 1969, using a simple controller, wire, and a simple drive shaft.

Today, systems are far advanced over those first system. We now offer:

  • Gutter to Gutter systems
  • Truss to Truss systems
  • A system using Slope-Flat-Slope Profile for Fan-Jet, Hanging Basket, and above bottom Truss Chord equipment installation.
  • Slope-Slope systems that follow the roof line
  • External Over the roof systems connected to the gutter of the existing house (load permitting)
  • External Stand Alone over single greenhouse installation
  • Open roof houses
  • Blackout systems
  • Movable partition needs
  • Sidewall screens and end wall screens
  • Systems primarily for crop shading
  • Systems primarily for heat retention
  • Systems for peak quonset and sawtooth, ground to ground structures
  • Most of our mechanical systems use rack and pinion operations
  • Manual systems are available
  • Controllers for types of operation from temperature and light to wind speed, crop tuning, rain/snow, etc.
  • Computer operations available with integration to all other environmental equipment
  • Power pull curtain shade system

All systems require design and must be made to order and tailored to your needs. Strength of house is important, as well as internal operating systems, so please advise us on as many details as possible.

To request more information on internal shade systems, please use our Internal Shade System Request Form.


  1. Special work sheets available upon request sot that we can give you accurate quote.
  2. What type of system are you planning? Inside, outside, manual, automatic, describe as best you can
  3. Is system for heat retention, shade or both.
  4. If shade, what percentage?
  5. Description of structure and truss will help a lot
  6. Crops to be grown under system
  7. Will vents, heaters, Fan-Jet systems interfere with system?

For external systems, please explain the following: the type of house, crop, shade requirements, and other requirements, and also please provide a drawing of the house.

Slope-Flat-Slope PowerPull Curtan From Wadsworth Controls

All mechanical and accessories used in this demonstration are used in our external over the roof system and for the flat shade house opening and closing systems.

Reduce energy costs, summer through winter, while increasing plant quality and worker comfort.

For new construction or retrofitting in existing greenhouses, our systems are flexible in design and can be easily installed without moving much equipment.

There are six types of truss-to-truss systems:

  • Slope/Flat/Slope Profile (shown below)
  • Slope/Slope Profile
  • Flat/Horizontal Profile
  • External over the roof
  • Flat shade houses
  • Gutter to Peak A-Frame profile

A wide variety of materials are available for use in all of our shade and heat retention systems. Various percentages of light transmission and solid or open heat retention materials are fabricated to meet each installation.

Environmental features:

  • Control temperature levels necessary for plant growth
  • Helps maintain uniform temperatures in winter months
  • Light level control

Slope-flat-slope sharde system from Wadsworth

Power Pull with LS Svensson shade
Power Pull with LS Swensson shade