Shade houses net houses


Our shade houses and shade structures are popular for a wide variety of products and uses. We even offer a shade net house and shade net structure with fixed roof that meets some international building codes. We offer a wide variety of covers. There are over 150 shade and insect coverings for our shade and insect covered houses.

These structures are ideal for reducing water, protecting plants from the sun and providing personnel comfort. Some of our shade and net structures are available in various lengths and loads and are used on greenhouse type structures.

Column spacing varies greatly, depending upon load requirements, sometimes building codes, wind, rain and local environmental conditions. We have supplied the USGR shade structures in various parts of the world to heights of 30 ft for very tall growing plants.

Shade coverings are available in a wide variety of materials; the lowest price being black woven and the more expensive easier to install are knitted materials. In recent years, exceptionally good coverings have been offered.

Our FLS material, is 40%, 50%, 60%, 70% black and white poly breathable for air transfer and is extremely durable because the outer woven surface is white reflecting the sun and provides excellent lowering of temperatures under the shade. Black shade radiates heat into the structure, giving only shade protection without lowering temperature.

We have a wide variety of white and some colored material depending upon the clients needs.

Insect protection houses are becoming a vital and major part of our shade structure offerings. Very often they are used not only for insect protection, but also shade, but commonly use standard greenhouse for this insect and shade requirement.

It should be noted that when you shade a greenhouse for plant and personnel protection covering not only roof but sides and ends there will naturally be a heat buildup under such conditions. Rollup sides and ends and mechanically open of the roof can be important in certain areas of the world.

Whatever your requirements for shading plants, personnel, garden center, agricultural purposes, animal shading, USGR has a product, structure and ability to meet all requirements.

Animal protection is vital to animals health for a variety of reasons, particularly so in bacterial count in milk cows and animal comfort means a better product. More clients worldwide are asking us to provide shade structures for animals rather than the historical barn. Animals go to shade structures rather than barns, not only because of comfort, but because of ventilation and temperature, shade ventilation and reduced temperature all benefit whatever animal you are producing.

We also have shade houses and shade structures with peaked roof. Various strengths and loads are available on our shade houses and shade structures. The column spacing varies greatly in the shade house and shade structure and open roof houses. Heights to 24 ft.

Rigid Frame Fixed Roof – Wow! A fixed roof shade structure that can meet some codes. Roll form flat roof truss for great strength. Column spacing on 12 ft widths and 15 ft lengths. Glazed with woven or knitted materials. Fabric attached to truss with tek screws for high strength.

W-Truss – Built with W Truss for high strength. Multiple widths and lengths and heights. 3 inch sq posts make this one of the strongest shade houses in the industry. Attachments to W-Truss by grommeting and bungee cords.

Cable Frame Fixed Roof – Most popular is 20 x 20 ft spacing of cables. Knee braces where needed to add strength. Cable construction between columns. Glazed any woven or knitted material. Connections to cable via grommets and cable ties, or fabric clips.

Sun Stopper Tube Roof Frame – Multiple widths and lengths. 2.5 inch tubing column connections. Attached with bungee balls. Covered with any knitted or woven shade materials. Used for retailers or growers.

Sun Shadow – Available as 20 x 20, 20 x 40 x 20 x 60 ft. Quick assembly and take down. Pipe roof frame with bungee balls. Protects your products, your customers. Wide variety of uses. Comes with base plates.

Hava Cabana– Excellent appearing. Available with vinyl panels of multiple colors. Great for sales area, temporary structure, very versatile; even used as a shade house for people and products. 7 ft side walls. 21 ft width. Quonset roof. Very adaptable. Lengths to 144 ft. Easy set-up and tear-down.