About Multi-Purpose Shad Houses Net Houses


When your requirements are for shade, people, plants, outdoor inventory or any industrial use we have a wide variety of shade structures.   Shade materials we use on shade structures are numerous, from as little as 10% shade to as much as 95% shade.   We also offer a wide variety of colored shade material that works very well on shade houses.   Shade structures for shading plants are generally very large structures; many shade houses cover numerous acres/hectares and are used in most regions of the world for a wide variety of crops.   Each crop can be sun sensitive requiring light shade to very heavy shade.  Amount of shade used on shade structures depends upon the crop requirement.   Black shade material has a tendency to absorb but offer good shade at a very low cost.   Knitted shade net for crops is more flexible and easier to install.  Also referred to net houses, the shade nets come in over 288 different styles.  

Our shade net can be in a wide variety of lengths and widths.  We offer shade and net screens from U.S. producers as well as European and Asian companies who supply special fabrications of all types.   Shade nets and shade materials are also used for animal production, specifically for dairy cattle, where the dairy cows will move to a shade structure and net house rather than a dark enclosed barn.   Animal shade structures are extremely popular in hot dry climates and animal shade structures, shade and net structures protect many different types and sizes of animals.   Zoos particularly find shade nets and fabric essential. 

The most important part about shade and net structure is the spacing of the columns/posts in order to support the shade system in high winds, monsoon conditions and to extend life of the shade material on the net house.   In extreme conditions, net houses and shade structures may have column spacing 3 meters by 3 meters (10 ft x 10 ft) and in very moderate weather conditions, they are very often spaced at 6 meters by 6 meters (20 ft x 20 ft).  Such structures can cover anything from a small area to multi-hectare acre installations.  Many of our clients use these net and shade structures in areas such as parking lots, where people gather and need protection from the sun.  A parking lot shade structures are often put on buildings in addition to using them in car lots, car parking, also used for boat moorage and many different public packing areas.   We often get calls for shade and net structures to cover storage outside and also for protection of equipment of all types.  Very often a shade or net structure is used instead of a lightweight building to protect materials from the sun because of their very economical price.