Shade house sunstopper



Sunstopper examplesThe sun can be brutal on tender young plants. The Sunstopper will protect your plants from scorching and windburn while reducing water requirements and time. It is equally at home in a retail environment as it is in a commercial growing operation.

The Sunstopper Shade Structure is a low-cost, multipurpose structure that is easy to assemble and available with several options of shade cloth. Sturdy anchor plates or ground stakes secure it against high winds. Modular design allows for future expansion.


  • Width/Lengths: 20′ x 20′ blocks (custom sizes available)
  • Anchors: ground stakes or optional base plates with concrete anchor bolts
  • Vertical posts: 2t/2″ O.D. 12 ga. x 10′ galvanized steel
  • Horizontal supports: 2 1/2″ O.D. 12 ga. x 20′ galvanized steel
  • Cover: 30-90% shade cloth

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Retailers and growers alike will benefit from the sun and wind protection provided by the Sunstopper. It’s a wonderful example of how strength and
convenience come together to provide you with added value. By utilizing 2½” O.D. 12 gauge galvanized steel (when others use just 1.66”), and by attaching shade panels with 10” bungee balls, you are assured of both stability and quick assembly. While standard sizes offer an economical option, we’re happy to help you customize the Sunstopper for your individual layout needs.

Multipurpose structure
Commercial or retail, the Sunstopper is a low-cost solution.

Quick install
Easy shade attachment system provides for quick installation and removal.

Shade cloth
A variety of shade cloths are available to provide the best environment.


SunStopper Standard Package Includes:
2.5″ O.D. 12 ga. x 10′ vertical posts with base plates & anchor bolts in 20′ x 20′ blocks, 2.5″ O.D. 12 ga. x 20′ galvanized horizontal members, diagonal corner structural bracing, 60% black knitted shade cloth with taped edges and grommets, 10″ canopy ball bungee every 18″, diagonal cable shade panel support (1) per 20′ x 20′ block, fittings, hardware, and assembly instructions.
Square Feet
Package Price
w/60% black shade
20′ x 20′
20′ x 40′
20′ x 60′
Square Feet
Package Price
w/60% black shade
40′ x 40′
40′ x 60′
40′ x 80′
Square Feet
Package Price
w/60% black shade
60′ x 60′
60′ x 80′
60′ x 100′
Square Feet
Package Price
w/60% black shade
100′ x 100′
Square Feet
Package Price
w/60% black shade
100′ x 200′

Kit prices based on 20′ x 40′ or larger shade cloth panel sizes. Smaller panel sizes will result in higher prices.


  • Layout Assistance: We can design a shade structure that accommodates your specific location needs
  • Base Plate with Concrete Anchor Bolts: Firmly secure your structure
  • Post Basket Hanger: Soften structural lines and showcase your hanging baskets
  • Post Hanging Shelf: Soften structural lines and cross merchandise your products

Sun Stopper blueprint
20 x 20 OPTIONAL