Shade Material

Shade And
Heat Retention Materials

USGR is a worldwide supplier of nets, shades and fabrics from warehouses worldwide. Minimums apply.

Shade fabrics, curtain and shade screens contribute to quality plant growth and help avoid plant stress. For internal and external greenhouse applications and for stand alone shade houses.

Recent Introduction – Great Product – Low Prices:

XLS Firebreak – A breakthrough in limiting greenhouse fires

Heat retention systems are important in reducing high energy costs and are often integrated and part of an infernal shade system. We offer the world’s finest, most trusted name in Shade Materials and Heat Retention materials: LS Svensson.

PAK and LS Fabrics for indoor shade and outdoor shade materials. PAK woven shade cloth and knitted shade for those preferring all polypropylene material. Shade screens for 30% to 100% shade. Climate screens/heat retention fabrics to meet all climatic conditions. Specializing in both indoor screens and outdoor screen. PAK woven shade material.

Shade materials, sun screens, and shade house fabrics reduce solar loads.

We offer a wide variety of qualities, price points, types and uses. The Sun Screen Shade Materials we offer are produced to our specifications from factories around the world, particularly shade, sun screens and heat retention greenhouse systems from China, Europe and North America.

Some of the many uses of shade cloth screens are:

  1. Greenhouse solar load reduction
  2. Sun filtering for flowers, vegetables, reforestation and animals.
  3. Protection of outdoor crops requiring shade material to promote plant growth.
  4. To shade people to increase production through sun screens of many colors.
  5. We have shade materials using inexpensive woven and knitted shade, as well as high quality polyester/aluminum material.
  6. Heat retention greenhouse shade materials and shade cloth also help to reduce heat load and reflect heat over and in the greenhouse.

Shade materials are used throughout the greenhouse industry worldwide for all types of greenhouses. Popular as a greenhouse covering for ground to ground greenhouses as well as shade structures for greenhouses and nurseries.

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