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Most crops need sun protection in higher light regions of the world. This also includes shade materials to protect people, equipment and animals of all types. Shade screens also referred to as sun screen and shade nets, come in many different shade percentages. We offer shade and sun screen materials from manufacturers worldwide. Two of our most popular are LS Svensson and Pak. In addition to Pak and Svensson, we offer shade materials from producers manufactured worldwide. Pak has very diversified shade net available. Pak offers small quantities, fabrication.

LS Svensson is outstanding international shade manufacturer. We sell LS Svensson materials worldwide. They are recognized as the finest most durable. As shade system LS Svensson and all our shade screens used in a greenhouse also have heat retention capabilities. Heat retention systems and materials can save as much as 30% of your heating bill. Heat retention or heat savings systems or materials help temperature drop at night and have shade capabilities during the day. We offer complete engineering and design for both manual and automatic heat retention and shade systems regardless of the type of shade material or shade net. We have shade material for both indoor and outdoor use and also offer shade materials to protect animals, poultry, people and of course, crops. Animal shade materials in many cases replace barns.

Shade systems can be automated with computers. Shade systems can also open and close walls using shade curtains in shade systems on high and short walls and ends. Shade systems available in flat and gutter to gutter or slope/flat/slope systems so shade system does not restrict air flow. Shade systems and shade material come with both open mesh for ventilation and totally closed where no air passes through shade system.