About Shade Materials


We offer many types of shade fabric and shade nets for a variety of horticultural, agricultural, forestry and industrial uses. Our shade fabrics are available in many different types of material, lengths, widths, degrees of protection. We offer black shade, sun shade, woven shade fabrics and greenhouse shade nets. Both knitted and woven shade are most popular and least expensive, but there are many other types available. Some of the uses of our shade fabrics are as follows:

  • Fabrics for shade houses
  • Greenhouse roof shade nets
  • Sidewall shade curtains
  • Interior greenhouse shade fabrics
  • Internal shade net for heat buildup
  • Photosynthesis shade fabrics
  • White shade to diffuse light
  • Black shade fabrics and many other colors
  • Shade materials for poultry houses
  • Orchard and field shade net
  • Vineyard trellis shade net
  • Shade materials for military use
  • Heat control fabrics for outdoor personnel
  • Automobile and vehicle shade fabrics
  • Reforestation nets
  • Livestock shade fabrics
  • Construction shade materials
  • Greenhouse plant shade nets

For our international clients and domestic clients demanding sophisticated fabrication, the LS Svensson shade material and LS Svensson heat retention product lead the world in greenhouse, nursery and reforestation shade systems. The LS Svensson product is sold worldwide from local fabrication and warehouse centers.

Both domestically and internationally, the PAK shade material is an excellent choice for many greenhouse agricultural and industrial uses. Many options for special fabrication on small and special requirements are very popular. We have represented the PAK company for over 40 years. PAK products are available for many industries considering where diversified products required such as PAK windbreak, PAK pest and predator control. PAK also offers an excellent frost protection material as well as the PAK weed fabric. Combination of products offers one-stop shopping for many of our clients.