PAK Shade Fabrics

PAK Shade Fabrics

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Pak shade and heat control material

Shadehouse Fabrics

Shade material at workPAK knows how to make shade for professional applications – we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. Create superior conditions for growing in a wide variety of climates and conditions with PAK Shade. Uniform shading, accurate shade percentages and high UV stabilization create an environment that is remarkably free from harsh sun, temperature variations, wind, damaging rain and many types of pests. PAK Shade is custom cut and sewn to fit your structure.

PAK is the choice of professionals because they know our panels are extremely durable, accurately constructed, and are made using the most rugged components available. Our tough shade fabrics block burning sun, helping protect your crops from heat, wind, rain, and pests. Accurate shade percentages give you closer control over plant growth.

PAK shade material in the field

PAK shade material

PAK’s shade fabrics give uniform shading and allow crops to retain more moisture. Our shades can help reduce temperature extremes on plants and slow heat loss at night. PAK fabrics are highly UV stabilized and have been tested for years in some of the world’s harshest solar conditions.

Shadehouse panels are made to your required sizes and use high UV resistant, lock stitch, HDPE mono-filament sewing thread, edge reinforcement tape and brass grommets.

PAK carries a full line of shadehouse hardware such as: S-hooks, earth anchors, thimble eye bolts, U-bolts, steel cable and steel poles.

Pak shade materials in the field

PAK shade material

Open Roof Structures

OPen roof sturctureProtect your crops from variable weather with our shade for moveable roof systems. Our retractable shadehouse covers will make a noticeable improvement in both your ability to cool your structure during times of excessive heat, and to hold heat in your shade structure through the cold nights. PAK retractable shade panels allow for significantly more flexibility in the cooling and heating of your shadehouse. At PAK, we have years of experience fabricating custom pleating for retractable Open roof structureshade panels. Custom panel sizing ensures compatibility with almost any structure.

Suggested Fabrics: Woven Shade, Knit Shade

Quonset & Cold Frame Shade Covers

Quonset shade houseCreate the optimal growing environment with our fitted shade covers.

These long-lasting, UV and abrasion resistant shade covers are made to your specific dimensions and help protect crops from sun, wind, cold, pests and rain. PAK’s commercial-quality construction features reinforced edges; UV stabilized fabric; and brass, spread grommets. Choose from a wide variety of shade fabric densiti€ and colors. Custom made to fit most any quonset or cold frame.

Quonset and Cold Frame shad eover

Suggested Fabrics: Woven Shade, PAK NOW Shade, Knit Shade

Exterior Shade System Fabrics

Exterior shade system fabricSuspended fabrics give cooler shade. High UV protection and abrasion resistance make PAK’s shade fabrics uniquely suited for exterior shade systems. Our shade panels block burning sun on overhead systems and allow greater ventilation, while moving a source of radiant heat out and away from the structure. We have the know-how to make your panels to specifications while ensuring compatibility with almost any mechanical system. The fabric holds its own against wind and weather and is unaffected by mold or mildew. Overhead systems have also been shown to extend the life-span of greenhouse coverings.

Exterior shade system fabric in the fireld Exterior shade system fabric example

Suggested Fabrics: Woven Shade, PAK NOWShade, PAK Ultralite Shade, Knit Shade

White Shade Applications

White shade rolls of fabric

White shade – a diffused quality of light. PAK’s white shadecloth gives shade and a highly diffused quality of light that is very different from the light found under traditional shadecloth. Light levels under white shade are higher and softer. These attributes provide more light to the plants and increase growth rates while reducing the burning and harshness of undiffused sunlight. Scattered or diffused light tends to improve plant growth by decreasing excess light on upper leaves and increasing reflected light to lower leaves. Uses of white shade include fruit production, flower production and vegetable production. Choose from shade densities ranging as low as 10% up to 52%. Heavier shades are under development.

Suggested Fabrics: PAK Ultralite Shade, Knit Shade, Blockade Insect Screen

White shade applications

White shade application

Other Applications

Vineyards trellis shade
Vineyard Trellis Shade
Row crop cover
Row Crop Cover Fabric
Aquaculture shade
Aquaculture Shade