Shade Materials Photo Album

Shade Materials
and Heat Retention Materials
Photo Album

USGR is a worldwide supplier of nets, shades and fabrics from warehouses worldwide. Minimums apply.

Slope Flat Slope
End view slope-Flat-slope. China

Tight gathering for less shadow
Note- when open very tight gathering for less shadow

Wood frame house
Flat inexpensive heat retention system over wood frame house

Motoriaed opening anc closing
Motorized opening and closing mechanics for above flat system

Double system
Double system. Flat-slope-flat for retention and gutter to gutter blackout system

Overhead retractable shade
Overhead retractable shade. You decide how much shade.

Protect crops from sun wind
Custom made to fit most Quonset or cold frame dimensions.
Helps protect crops from sun, wind, pests and rain.

Ultralite shades reduce
Ultralite shades reduce orchard sunburn lightweight,
easy to handle durable, long lasting, high UV resistant fabric.

Protects animals
Protects animals from sun, wind, rain, hail and predators.

Shades crop and reduces heat in greenhouse
Shades crop and reduces heat in greenhouse. Easy installation.

Greenhouse side curtains
Greenhouse side curtains. Helps shield perimeter plants from sunburn.
Roll up to allow natural ventilation on warm days.