XLS Firebreak: Breakthrough in Limiting Greenhouse Fires

XLS Firebreak shade and heat retention, a new product from Svensson which helps limit greenhouse fires.


For greenhouses, nurseries or other similar types of buildings.

A breakthrough in limiting greenhouse fires

XLS Firebreak - limits greenhouse firesXLS Firebreak greenhouse shade material and nursery shade material is an improved version of our well-known XLS range of climate screens. The intention of XLS FIREBREAK technology is to limit panel-to-panel fire spread. There is a firebreak section along both edges of each screen. So, the firebreak area is effectively doubled across two adjacent screens. XLS FIREBREAK shall be used in flat, sliding systems partially containing fire-resistant support wires to achieve intended fire limiting performance.

Svensson has developed the firebreak technology for the XLS screens without sacrificing the properties of high efficiency in shading, heat retention, preventing condensation and transporting excess water vapor. XLS FIREBREAK is available in shading versions from 12-99.9%.

The beauty of XLS FIREBREAK is the materials used, and the manner in which it is constructed, influences the burning. The result is clearly demonstrated, by comparing the amount of heat that is released during burning, of the XLS FIREBREAK and the ALUMINIUM/POLYETHYLENE screen. As a reference we have also plotted the flame retardant screen XLS REVOLUX.

Heat release data for XLS FirebreakAccording to Room Scale Test from SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute the peak heat release value for XLS FIREBREAK is 43 kW and for ALUMINIUM/ POLYETHYLENE screen 1 123 kW, i.e. 26 times difference. The heat release of 4 kW for XLS REVOLUX can be neglected.

The total energy released when burning XLS FIREBREAK is 4.0 MJ in comparison to 15.0 MJ for ALUMINIUM/ POLYETHYLENE screen and 0.8 MJ for the XLS REVOLUX.

The XLS FIREBREAK installation is different from traditional systems. Before ordering and installing contact your Svensson representative for these details. XLS REVOLUX should be used in all installations where a certificate of flame retardancy screen is required. Perimeter seals used for the XLS FIREBREAK technology has to be XLS REVOLUX screen.


XLS F screens consist of 4 mm aluminised strips with open spaces in between, everything held together with a strong polyester filament yarn. Special aluminium and polyester give XLS F its superior reflection and transmission efficiency. The open spaces allow for sufficient airflow, resulting in a considerable reduction of the air temperature. Even with high outside temperatures, the screen ensures an optimal growing and working climate.

XLS F screens have a flexible structure. In an open position, they easily fold into a very small package, allowing for maximum light transmission.
Due to the open structure, XLS F offers only limited energy savings. Closing the screen at night, however, will lead to considerable decreases in heat loss from the crops; plant temperature will stay higher. The risk of condensation on the crop is therefore minimal, thus the risk of any fungus diseases as well.

Often an XLS F screen is combined with a second, closed screen such as SLS 10 ULTRA or XLS 10. This combines both maximum potential cooling in the summer with maximum potential heat retention and energy savings during the winter. During the winter both screens are closed for maximum heat retention.

As XLS F is a highly UV stabilised product with excellent antistatic properties the screen will stay clean and efficient for many years. The applied UV stabilisers are resistant to all common chemicals used in greenhouses.

Available types and technical data

Type Light transmission Energy
Direct Diffuse saving
XLS 14 F 59% 56% 20%
XLS 15 F 50% 47% 20%
XLS 16 F 39% 37% 25%
XLS 17 F 27% 27% 30%
XLS 18 F 19% 19% 35%

Standard widths

3.20, 3.50, 4.30, 4.70 and 5.30m; other widths available on demand.


5 years under all types of house covering, also UV-transparent, as per Svensson limited warranty in writing.

The above information is given in good faith, but without warranty. Freedom from patent rights and registered trademarks must not be assumed. Svensson is a registered trademark owned by AB Ludvig Svensson.

The REVOLUX product range is flame retardant, all other products delivered from Svensson are not flame retardant. All textiles, especially when in a bundle, will burn at sufficiently high temperature.