Flat filler pm1100


PM1100 flat filler
Flat & Pot Filler with Soil Hopper & Conveyor

The PM1100 Filling System is designed to provide growers with a versatile, high speed , and uniform solution to filling multiple types of containers including nursery pots, hanging baskets, and plug trays.

This equipment includes variable speed soil hopper and filling conveyor. Fully adjustable soil agitator, compact roller and rotary brush. Excess soil is collected as the container is passed across a powered transfer, and returned to the hopper via horizontal and vertical soil return systems.

Required Amps: 1 Ph. 36 FLA 3 Ph. 18 FLA
Electrical: 220v Single or Three Phase.
Hopper Volume: 2 Cubic Yards.
Production: Up to 1800 Flats Per Hr. and
1100 5 Gallon Pots Per Hr.

Leasing option available.