Flat fillers mini

Mini® Flat Filler

Mini Flat FillerFor the Grower who wants to take their first step into automation or the larger Growers with a specialty need.

CAPABILITIES: The Mini will accept any container up to 15″ wide and 5″ high.

BENEFITS: Most cost effective way to uniformly fill plug flats, high speed production, simplicity of operation and low-maintenance.

FEATURES: Equipped with a variable speed conveyor. A power sweep to ensure uniform filling of each cell. An adjustable wiper and powered rotary brush to perform the finishing touches on filled flats with a built-in soil return.

OPTIONS: Vibrator for soil compaction. Frame with 4″ casters or 10″ pneumatic tires.

Model 13402
Power .6HP, 110V, Single Phase, 50 or 60 Hz
Production 720 Trays Per Hour
Portability Optional 4″ Casters or 10″ Pneumatic Tires
Dimensions 70″L x 71″W x 57″H
Weight 650 lbs.

U.S. manufactured, shipped from
U.S. factories and warehouses

Leasing option available.