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Insta PotterTM

Insta PotterModel No:

11411 (single phase)
11413 (three phase)

The InstaPotter Potting Machine is perfect for high-volume bare-root potting or pot filling.

Variable speed hydraulic controls allow pace adjustment of the soil hopper and planting conveyor. Hydraulic power gives the machine the ability to handle heavier types of soil that are often used in nursery mixes.

This machine is low maintenance with quick and easy change-overs. This model accepts pots up to 18″ wide.

The InstaPotter’s features include a 4 cubic yard soil feeder, vibrating planting conveyor, two soil return conveyors, and a powered pot transfer.


Power: 10 HP/ 220V/ single or three phase 50 or 60 Hz Hydraulic power unit 20 gpm
Dimensions: 170″L x 120″W x 135″H
Production: Up to 3,000 pots per hr.
Weight: Approximately 2,800 lbs
Options: Take-off conveyors
24″ wide planting conveyor
for up to 25 gallon pots

U.S. manufactured, shipped from
U.S. factories and warehouses

Leasing option available.