Soil Mixing Handling


USGR offers 11 different soil mixing and soil handling equipment. We have soil mixing/handling for small growers who need only 1/2 soil batch mixers. We also offer a standard soil mixing equipment, in 1, 2 and 3 yard mixers. Other standard soil mixing equipment is our Mix Maker 10 that will mix up to 12 cubic yards and out Mix maker 24 which handles up to 25 cubic yards. For those very large growers, we offer our Super In-Line mixing system that will handle 36 up to 100 cubic yards. Regardless of your mixing requirements, USGR can provide you with soil mixing systems to meet your specific requirements. These mixers are sold worldwide because of their durability and low maintenance. For those who are bagging soil and media, the large units are very popular for continuous mixing and bagging operation. Soil and media handling equipment is all extremely heavy duty. It has variable speed and fast mix products, thorough mixing is standard we set on all our equipment.

Whether your soil mixing requirements are large or small or used in conjunction with other equipment such as bagging, flat and pot filling, bed and ground dispersal, we can provide the systems to meet your requirements.

In many cases our clients also want to sterilize soil prior to mixing. We have some of the most diversified soil sterilizing equipment available. We offer conveyor soil sterilizing system for the large volume who may wish to sterilize 2 cubic yard at a time.

Prior to mixing and after mixing, we have conveyors of all types to transport the initial product.

USGR offers you the following outstanding Soil Mixers

Leasing option available.