Soil Sterilization in Greenhouses and Nurseries

Information on Soil Sterilization
In Greenhouses and Nurseries

Since methyl bromide and other pesticides and herbicides are being phased out, growers are looking for an effective alternative to control disease pathogens, nematodes, insects and weeds. Healthy, disease free and insect free plants produce higher yields of vegetables and flowers in less time, reaching the market sooner and commanding quick sales.

The Sioux Steam Flo is a portable steam generator designed for sterilizing soil in greenhouses and nurseries. It is excellent for sterilizing potting soil, bench soil, propagating sand, ground beds inside the greenhouse for vegetables, ground beds outdoors for flowers, vegetables, and nursery stock as well as pots, flats and benches.

The Steam Flo outputs 370-845 lbs. of steam per hour, and produces quality steam in only 15-20 minutes from a cold start. It can be mounted on a trailer with 15" pneumatic wheels and pin hitch. It can be towed by a tractor to the location, indoors or out. After initial startup, steam is available continuously for unlimited time periods.

The unit can sterilize a 5′ x 50′ bench in about two hours and reduces chemical sterilant usage. The Steam Flo increases crop returns by producing "clean" soil, free from pathogens.

The Steam Flo is simple to operate. Just level the Steam Flo with provided supplies, attach garden hose, fill fuel tank and connect electrical source.

If you need extra heat for short periods of time, you can easily connect the Sioux Steam Flo to a steam
line for perimeter heat in hotbeds or plastic houses. Construction is heavy duty. The Steam Flo is constructed of 1/4" plate steel with brass and black iron fittings. Safety features include steam pressure relief valve, pressure control and automatic water feeder. The Sioux Steam Flo is built to ASME code and is National Board registered.