Bladder Tanks


bladder_smLooking for a temporary and low-cost solution for liquid storage problems? Whether you need to store potable water, fuel, fertilizers or any other liquids, bladder tanks are the perfect solution. Because these tanks are made from tough materials, there are hardly any evaporation or contamination risks while the liquid is in the tank. These durable and portable containment systems are being used mainly by industrial and agricultural companies, the army, and humanitarian organizations.

Collapsible Fabric Tanks

Our bladder pillow tanks are ideal answers for instant water storage and all other liquid storage where the protective steel walls and built-in secondary containment of LiquiGard tanks are not needed.


We can supply a wide variety of bladder sizes and capacities ranging from 3,000 to 210,000 gallons and more.


Installing bladder tanks won’t take as much time as installing other types of containment systems. First, you need a large area for the bladder tank. The land area should be flat and free of anything that might puncture the tank such as rocks or shards of glass. It is also recommended to have a layer of sand on the surface of the area before installing the bladder tank. Then simply unroll and unfold the one-piece bladder in place and fill.


The materials used in bladder tanks vary, and it all depends on what the client will be storing into the tank. One thing’s for sure though, these tanks are so resilient that they can withstand the pressure from thousands of gallons of liquid. Bladders are constructed from coated fabrics suitable for fuels, chemicals, slurries, and liquid wastes. Potable water grade materials are also available. When installed and used properly, this containment system can last for years.


Depending on your needs, we also have a wide variety of fittings and vents is available.


Constructed from potable water grade fabric, the lightweight “onion tank” is designed for easy handling, compact shipment and instant setup.