LiquiGard – Potable Water Tanks, Liquid Water Storage & More


liquigardLiquiGard containment systems combine the unique advantages of bladders and steel walled tanks, ensuring a reliably resilient containment system for any liquid. This is the kind of liquid water storage tank you need for potable water storage, petroleum products, and other industrial chemicals in huge volumes.

A distinctive feature of the bladder tank is that it’s collapsible, which allows it to take less space when stored. But it’s still able to store large volumes of liquid when used. Steel-walled tanks, on the other hand, feature stability and maximum protection against leakage, making them perfect potable water tanks and suitable for the containment of potentially harmful liquids.


To make potable water tanks more reliable, Modutank fused the ease of storage provided by bladder tanks and the sturdiness of steel-walled tanks in all their LiquiGard containment systems. Their multi-functional steel walls are engineered to protect the bladders, provide extra strength against hydraulic forces and support integral secondary containment liners. The steel walls also provide support for taller bladders with smaller, space-saving footprints than is possible with conventional bladders of the same capacity.



LiquiGard systems for indoor or outdoor applications are available in round and square modular designs with bladder capacities from 1,500 to 250,000 gallons at heights from 3’6″ to 14’6″, and are ideal for potable water storage, chemical water storage, and numerous other liquid storage applications.


Free-standing or anchored above ground LiquiGard systems can be installed on any firm, level surface including compacted earth, concrete or asphalt. Modular prefabricated components designed for hand carrying and simple bolt-together assembly using standard hand tools assure quick installation. An easy-to-follow illustrated manual guides the crew through every aspect of LiquiGard installation.


A choice of factory fabricated heavy-duty flexible bladders are available for potable water storage as well as for the containment of waste water, jet fuel, diesel fuel, petroleum products and many industrial chemicals.


A membrane liner positioned between the wall and bladder is supplied for secondary containment.


A unique non-penetrating leak detection system positioned between the bladder and secondary liner is optional.


A wide range of inlet/outlet piping connections and vents is available to suit your liquid water storage needs and preferences.