ModuStor – Bolted Tanks & Bolted Steel Lined Tanks



modustor_2bg.jpgBolted Steel Round Tanks

ModuStor bolted steel lined tanks are ideal for most water storage and other liquid containment needs. They are available in diameters from 12′ to more than 100′ diameter with capacities over 1,000,000 gallons. Installation time is reduced by utilizing low-cost modular components designed for rapid bolt-together assembly by unskilled workers using common hand tools. Welding and other field fabrication methods are eliminated.

Bolted Tanks Cost Range

Factory fabricated modular steel components, fast bolt-together assembly by unskilled workers, and minimal site prep combine to reduce overall ModuStor costs below those for welded steel counterparts. Furthermore, the ModuStor’s bolted construction allows quick disassembly for relocation to a new site.


ModuStor bolted steel lined tanks can be erected on any firm surface such as gravel, compacted earth, concrete, or macadam. Tanks can be anchored to a 4’ wide concrete apron, or for shorter term projects they can be installed on gravel with unique corrosion resistant steel anchor plates. Interior area can be flat, slightly pitched or dished to ease emptying.


Our unique plate system anchors tanks without concrete footing, eliminates guy wires or other ground penetrations, a preferred system for short term use or where concrete footings are undesirable. ModuStor tanks can be anchor bolted to concrete ring foundations or used free-standing indoors.


The large selection of premium liner materials available is chemically compatible with most commonly handled liquids. Lining materials include reinforced XR-5 and polypropylene. One-piece liners only; maximum width plus sides = 100 feet. Example: 70 ft diameter plus 15 ft plus 15 ft = 100 ft wide liner.


Floating covers are fabricated from reinforced membrane materials including XR-5 and Polypropylene. Covers, buoyed up by floatation logs, ride the fluid’s surface and produce practically vapor-tight enclosures. (Click-to Covers)  

Leak Detection

Double liner leak detection systems are available.


Input and output and level equalization piping can be attached to ModuStor tanks by bottom or through-the-wall connections or over the top. Wall openings can be precut at the factory.

Bolted Tanks General Specifications

Wall panels are G-90 mill galvanized steel sheets of varying thicknesses, ranging from 16 ga. to 10 ga. All girths are hot dip galvanized structural steel angle. Structural hardware is zinc plated steel, grade 5.