ModuTank -= Permanent, Long Term, Linited Space Storage Tanks


One of the most permanent, long term, limited space tanks.


modutank.jpgModuTanks are economical solutions for environmental, industrial, agricultural and aquaculture applications including chemical as well as potable and waste water storage.

Available in almost unlimited sizes, the modular Modutank can be configured in square, rectangular or special shapes with right angle corners such as “L”, “U”, “T” etc. Custom Tanks available to fit specific sites or for special flow requirements.

Engineered for permanent or standby service, the Modutank can be anchor bolted to concrete footings or installed with footing plates and above-ground ballasting for short–term use or where ground penetrations are not desirable.

ModuTank Features

Standard ModuTanks with capacities from hundreds to millions of gallons are engineered to contain liquids with a specific gravity static load of 1.5. ModuTanks can also meet Universal Building Code Seismic 4 requirements as well as wind loads. The versatile ModuTank is based on 6’ high x 3’9” wide modules designed for hand carrying and rapid bolt-together assembly. An illustrated step-by-step Installation Manual is provided. A typical 68’ x 68’ x 6’ high (200,000 gal.) ModuTank can be installed on a prepared site by six workmen and a supervisor in about eight hours, using common hand tools. No special skills are required.



Premium quality reinforced, flexible membrane liners compatible with most liquid solutions are available including XR-5, polyethylene and polypropylene.

Floating Covers

Floating covers fabricated from liner materials are available as options for creating totally enclosed systems. Covers, buoyed up by floatation logs, ride on the fluid’s surface and create a virtually vapor-tight enclosure. (Click-to Covers)


Modutanks can be fitted with double liners for secondary containment, and dip tube or sight glass leak detectors. Inlet and outlet pipes can be over-the-top, through-the-wall or at the bottom. Bottom drains, baffles, sumps, stand pipes, ladders and flange fittings are available.

General Specifications

Wall panels are 6’ high 16 ga. G90 galvanized steel sheet. Support frames are 3-1/2” x 3” x 1/4”, 2” x 2” x 3/16” steel angles hot dip galvanized. Galvanized steel tension cables are standard, stainless cables are optional. Wall braces are galvanized steel angles. Footing plates are galvanized or cor-ten steel. Zinc plated and galvanized hardware is included. Eight oz. geotextile liner underlayment is included. A choice of factory fabricated liners and floating covers in various gauges and materials is available.