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Econo Rank and Quickstor Liquid Storage



One of the most popular units for temporary jobs.

EconoTanks offer versatile liquid storage for environmental, industrial, commercial and agricultural use, including chemical, potable and wastewater storage. The 4’9” high EconoTank is available at per-gallon containment costs below those of other storage systems. Modular EconoTank components, engineered for hand-carrying and rapid bolt-together assembly by workers using common hand tools, sharply reduce installation costs. Also, no special skills, cranes, welding or scaffolding are necessary. Shipping charges are minimized through efficient, compact packaging of modular components on skids sized for flat bed shipment. For example, the steel for a 2,000,000 gallon EconoTank can ship on a single flatbed. EconoTanks are economical alternatives to standard tanks, lagoons, ponds and fractanks.

EconoTank Features

Econotank-2.jpgEconotanks are available in capacities from hundreds to millions of gallons in rectilinear sizes from 8’ x 8’ upward based on 4’9” high x 3’9” wide modules. Special shapes with right angle corners such as “L”, “U”, “T”, etc.  Custom tanks are possible to meet site or special flow requirements. Free-standing EconoTanks install on any firm, level surface with little or no site preparation utilizing our anchor plate and above-ground ballast system for short-term installations or where ground penetrations are not desirable. Alternatively, EconoTanks can be anchor bolted to concrete foundations for permanent installation.

EconoTank Covers

Floating covers fabricated from the same flexible membrane materials as liners are available as options for creating totally enclosed systems. Covers, buoyed up by floatation logs, ride on the fluid’s surface and create practically vapor-tight enclosures. Insulated floating covers are available. (Click-to Covers) 

EconoTank footing plates

EconoTank Ancillaries

EconoTanks can be fitted with double liners for secondary containment and dip tube or sight glass leak detectors. Inlet and outlet pipes can be over-the-top, through-the-wall or at the bottom. Bottom drains, baffles, sumps, stand pipes and flange fittings are available

EconoTank in the fieldEconoTank General Specifications

Wall panels are 16 ga. G90 mill galvanized steel. Support frames are fabricated from 2” x 2” x 1/8” and 3/16” steel angles and hot dip galvanized. Wall braces are 2” x 2” x 1/8” galvanized steel angle. Footing plates are galvanized or cor-ten alloy steel. Tension cables are galvanized steel. Stainless steel cables are available. Hardware is plated steel. A 20 mil laminated polyethylene liner and 8 oz. geotextile ground cover is standard. Other liner materials are available.



quickstor1QuickStor tanks set up quickly for emergency or short-term liquid containment on unprepared sites. Occasionally used for oil fields and for irrigation water.  A typical 5,600 gallon QuickStor can be readied for operation in less than one hour by two workmen using ordinary hand tools. Modular lightweight steel wall panels can be transported in a pickup truck, or station wagon and hand carried to the site for rapid bolt-together assembly with common hand tools. No special skills are required.


Low-cost flexible reinforced polypropylene one-piece membrane liners are standard. A wide range of other liner materials can be specified. Tarp and floating covers are available. For those interested in pond liners click here.


QuickStor tanks are designed primarily for over-the-wall loading and unloading. However, inlet and outlet piping can be attached with through-the-wall flange fittings or bottom flanges.

Quick Shipment

Modutank Inc. maintains an inventory of standard size QuickStor tanks for immediate shipment.

General Specifications

Modular 4’ high flat wall panels are 20 ga. mill galvanized steel. Reinforcing straps are 11 ga. mill galvanized steel. Steel rod anchors and a PVC liner are included. Capacities range from 2,200 to 31,700 gallons.