Terms and Conditions

USGR and its suppliers, manufacturers, agents, distributors, dealers, and employees neither make nor give any warranty, express or implied. USGR shall not be responsible for loss of any product profit or any or direct or indirect consequential damages.

It is asserted that purchasers of these products and other materials, equipment and systems for self use, self installment or resale has the consumate skill to test, install, determine suitability, operate and maintain such equipment and systems as they purchased.


Note that greenhouse, Agricultural, and other structures, components,and environmental equipment, systems, supplies of any type may be used,installed, and operated under a great variety of conditions and combinations of factors for which the customer agrees are unknown to USGR or any of its suppliers, agents, or personnel. It is expressly understood that USGR liability is limited to replacement of materials, and does not include labor, loss of crop or profits, if in the sole judgment of USGR the materials have been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, alteration, abuse, or improper operation or installation. Also, no warranty or guarantees are given against freight damage, pilferage, or loss en route; such claims must be filed with the freight company. You may contact USGR for assistance with such filings.

Materials, Systems, Structures, or Equipment furnished by USGR carry only the guarantee made by the manufacturers thereof. In the event of litigation in the courts arising from any purchase anywhere in the world, the buyer consents to and submits to the jurisdiction and courts of King County, Washington, USA.


All recommendations made by USGR are complied from supplier publications and recognized sources. We are not responsible for damage, failure, loss of profit, or for any other reason because of any recommendations given by USGR or its associates or personnel.

Consultants, Advisors, Agents, Independent Contractors, or Sub Contractors are responsible for their own actions, recommendations, performance in training, information dissemination, work, and installation. USGR is not responsible and bears no liability for their performance, agreements,or contracts with customers.

USGR is a Materials, Systems, Equipment, Structure supplier only, and are not responsible for construction or installation unless agreed to by separate written contract approved and agreed to by the USGR Board of Directors.


All products are FOB factory, USGR warehouse or supplier’s warehouses unless agreed to in writing between USGR and client prior to ordering. Seller reserves the right to deliver in installments unless not allowed by agreement. Transshipment internationally is allowed unless terms require otherwise.

All goods become the property of the buyer when the freight company takes possession of the products even if prices quoted includes freight charges. The freight company is responsible to the buyer for complete and safe delivery of the goods. It is the buyer’s responsibility to file claim with the freight company of any loss, damage of incomplete delivery of goods purchased.


Generally minimums are $600. Under certain conditions, some $400 product orders can be accepted.


USGR is not responsible for any taxes whether local, Country, State, Provincial or Federal for any country including the United States and Canada.


All sales are made in either US or Canadian or Euro Dollars unless previously agreed to. Export sales are made by Letter of Credit, sight draft or cash prior to shipment. Sight drafts and cash receive discounts up to 5%


Seller shall not be liable for failure to deliver or delays in delivery beyond sellers control to include acts of god, war, strikes, lockouts, weather, delays by carriers, loss over international waters or delivery within foreign countries.


The website and the service is intended for information purposes only. By using the website you agree to the following:

The total website and all of its contents, services including marketing, technical and all other information is provided without warranty of any kind. No warranties are given through use of this website either complied
or those so stated by suppliers, regardless of sources. It is recognized that U.S. Global Resources can not know the exact use of the products, control installation or be aware of local conditions and therefore is not liable for any products, use installation or performance unless by special agreement.

Most materials, systems and equipment have standard supplier warranties which will apply to that product under various applications, but to be in effect, must be stored, installed and maintained in accordance with supplier’s terms and agreements.

USGR nor any of its information sources have any liability, contingent or otherwise, for completeness, timeliness or content of the information on the website and is not liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with the use of the information and service of this website. Your agree that you will not use this website for any unlawful acts. Pictures, drawings, charts can be downloaded and reproduced for your own use but can not be used for advertising, reproduction for resale or use for construction purposes. All drawings and blueprints are the sole property of US Global Resources and in some cases, our suppliers, and can only be used by prior agreement.

The website and service may contain hyperlinks and general leads to other websites operated by parties other than US Global Resources. Such links are provided for your convenience and reference only. US Global Resources does not control other websites nor is US Global Resources responsible for their contents.

Should any controversies or disputes arise between US Global Resources and you, that will be determined by arbitration.


US Global Resources will accept credit cards for payment of goods and services under the following conditions:

  1. The purchaser must complete and submit by email ,fax or mail our Purchase Authorization Form.
  2. The purchaser must submit by email, fax or mail a signed copy of a government-issued ID card or passport.
  3. US Global Resources reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to require a form of payment other than a credit card.