Mechanical fan ventilation is used under many industrial applications. Exhaust or circulating fans are used to ventilate warehouses particularly in agricultural crop storage buildings. Worldwide fan ventilation has been used in garment factories, warehouses of all types, even ventilating buildings for animals, people and machinery in hot climates to lower temperature to outside temperature. Fan ventilation is beneficial to crops, people and animals to move air over the surface, helps remove humidity from the object and ventilate out of the buildings.

We do have evaporative fan and pad operating system to lower temperature to below outdoor temperature. When fan ventilating agricultural crops, the crops stored must be spaced in such a way that the air is pulled into the building, through the crop and exits via the exhaust fan. Storage buildings benefit with this kind of ventilation and work best when the air is moved only through the crop. Fan ventilation using exhaust fans and shutters are very popular in slaughter houses, meat packing plants, some using evaporative fan and pad cooling systems in the slaughter houses in meat processing areas.

Every year worldwide, ventilation and fan and pad cooling for slaughter houses and meat processing facilities and ventilation is popular in dairy operations. Fan ventilation in dairies and milking barns benefits the health of the dairy cows and can contribute to lowering bacteria in milk. Dairy barns milking facilities and barns in general benefit from air change with fan ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is also used in industrial applications for fan cooling and ventilating buildings for odor control, too high humidity, air moving for people comfort to name a few ways we have industrial fan ventilation.

One of the most universally popular types of ventilation is the fan and shutter system. The principle is that the structure or controlled environment area is designed so that a shutter or series of shutters open on one side or end of a structure and on opposite side or end, the exhaust fan or fans come on to pull fresh outside air into the structure and exhaust the high humid, warm or stale air is exhausted through the fan. The object of course, is to reduce the temperature and ventilate the structure evenly and completely with as little turbulence as possible to lower the internal temperature to outside temperature and in the case of plants and other humid environments to reduce humidity. The larger the structure, the more fans and shutters required.

An inexpensive, but essential controller is required to phase on the fan and shutters to conserve electrical consumption. USGR has been mechanically ventilating greenhouse, warehouses, industrial and other commercial buildings for most of its 78 years in business.

There are cases where clients only want to remove the warm air that rises and therefore there are cases where shutters and fans are placed high in the structure for simple ventilation. When dealing with agricultural/horticultural crops or people or machinery, it is very important that fan and starting system be engineered and designed to create low turbulence so hot air is not pulled down and to be even laminate flow of air across the plant, people or machinery to get even cooling and ventilation.

For those wanting to go further and upgrade system to cooling system to wet bulb or below outside temperature, the installation of fan and pad cooling system merits very serious consideration which goes far beyond lowering inside temperature to outside temperature

Fan ventilation for greenhouses is generally universal. Greenhouse ventilation is important to disease control of greenhouse crops and lowering temperature to outside temperature removing solar load in greenhouses. Whether greenhouse hobby, propagation, production, post harvest handling, ventilation is vitally important to the greenhouse industry. Greenhouse ventilation can be performed by fans and vents. Vents can be roof mounted, side mounted, or
greenhouse vents can be shutters. Whatever your greenhouse produces or whatever size, greenhouse ventilation mechanical or natural is important.

Application areas for ventilation products:

  • Cattle
  • Dairy
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Poultry
  • Hog
  • Warehouses
  • Farm Building
  • Agricultural Structures
  • Fruit & Vegetable Storage buildings
  • Cool machinery and equipment storage building and where heat generating equipment affects personnel performance
  • Many military applications for desert, humid area
  • Tents, temporary buildings.

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