Automatic and Manual Rollup Walls, Rool-Up Vents, Movable Sidewall Curtains

Automatic and Manual Rollup Walls
Roll-Up Vents

Moveable Sidewall Curtains

Automatic and Manual Rollup Walls

Roll-up curtain walls can be custom fit to match your requirements. Combined with the Palmetto roof vent system, they make one of the best passive ventilation systems available. You can roll-up virtually 100% of your walls for total air circulation.

Unique drive system places the curtain drive pipe in the center of the curtain rather than the bottom when the curtain is closed. To open the curtain, the drive pipe moves upward with the top and bottom sections wrapping around it.

  • Aluminum drive shaft for extended service
  • Tube Lock
  • Bottom Flashing
  • Drive motor or gearbox
  • Heavy-duty inside and outside containment struts
  • End caps
  • Curtain fabric
  • Available in a standard 5′ or 10′ tall designs
  • Available in an optional manually operated design

Also see our vent controller page.

Heavy duty bottom flashings and
vertical strut design

Roll-Up Vents

This system keeps the motor drive away from moisture and other contaminants near the ground and reduces the amount of motor travel by 50%! The curtains are raised and lowered with either a Somfy gear motor or a manual crank gearbox.

The motor may be located at the end or middle of the curtain. Motor and ends are covered with a vertical skirt both inside and outside. The bottom of the curtain is weighted with an additional pipe.

Also see our vent controllers page.

Movable Sidewall Curtain

A moveable sidewall curtain from Hired.
We can offer roll up or roll down sidewall in many configurations
both manual and automatic. Using a variety of materials