About Greenhouse Nusery Boom Irrigation Fertilization

About Greenhouse Boom Irrigation and Fertiliziation Equipment,
Nursery Boom Irrigation and Fertiliziation Equipment

We offer irrigation booms for greenhouses, nurseries, high value row crop propagation water booms.   In addition to being an irrigation boom, it is also a fertilization system for irrigating and dual irrigation boom and fertilization booms.   Boom irrigation and boom fertilization systems are major growing demand for greenhouses.   They are also referred to as propagation booms used in irrigation and fertilizing greenhouse crops, when in propagation phase.  Propagation booms come in a variety of nozzle sizes and do an outstanding irrigation job for propagation/ germination.  Germination booms also come with special controller to prevent over-watering or over-fertilization.  

For the greenhouse we also offer hanging basket irrigation water boom that is very valuable and automatically waters hanging basket; it is known as the Echo Hanging Basket Irrigation System.   The water/irrigation system is designed to work on any size hanging basket.  Hanging basket irrigation, fertilization boom hangs from the truss of the greenhouse.  

Of course, the most popular is using it as a watering boom.   On many crops, dry fertilizers are used and the system is used as a watering boom.  Watering booms can be easily adapted to fertilization.

Sometimes in propagation of fine plants, it can be used as misting irrigation system.   It is automatically controlled against over misting.  Misting irrigation and watering boom is also popular with institutions.  

Whether you using watering boom for irrigation, watering, fertilization, misting or spraying, we offer water irrigation booms for greenhouses, nurseries.  

USGR offers an excellent reforestation nursery water boom.  Forestry irrigation booms are specially designed for tree seedlings.   Tree seedling water booms irrigate, spray, water and fog exceptionally well because of the high density.